1886 - Hospital Americano

Centro Médico ABC.

American British Cowdray.

After more than 25 years without a major brand redesign, we had the opportunity to completely revamp the brand and visual identity for this 130 years old hospital.

Centro de Cáncer ABC. Photos by: Blake Marvin, HKS Inc.


The first stage of this rebranding involved analysing all the areas of the Medical Center, as well as the actual brand-system; wayfinding; strategic positioning documents; and interviews with different stakeholders involved with this change.


Our main purpose was to clean-up the image of the Medical Center. We focused on highlighting the origins, using the acronym ‘ABC’ (which is the most recognized element of their branding), while removing unnecessary elements such as ornaments and the caduceus.


A new Brand Image.

This new identity conveys a pioneer and vanguard spirit, in order to clearly communicate ABC’s core values and deliver an exceptional experience.


We worked this project in close collaboration with Consultoría Sostenible, a consultancy firm that specialises in putting together teams of multidisciplinary skills to tackle problems in large corporations.

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