About our Studio

Raidho is the name of an r-rune, describing the concepts of “ride, or journey“. That’s the simple idea upon which our studio was founded back in 2012.

We work for a wide range of national and international clients: Government Technology Clusters; Non-for-profit innovative organisations; Technology Startups; Medium and Large-sized local businesses; and so on.

What we stand for

  • Simplicity: Good Design always KISS.

    While Tools & Technology continue to advance, simplicity and clarity remain fundamental in our practice. We use Design as a means to define experiences that shape our present and our future.

    DAT Chair, by Charles & Ray Eames (1953).

  • Eloquency: Why just say it, when you can tell an awesome story?

    Underneath technology and media, there is always communication between humans. That’s why we always try to create unforgettable stories and experiences with our work.

    How long do animals live?, by Isotype (1939).

  • Aesthetics: We relate (mostly) visually with our environment.

    We are visual creatures with a crave for order and harmony, and our work reflects our taste and ways of seeing our environments.

    NYC Subway Map, by Massimo Vignelli (1972).

  • Innovation: Good Design is Good Business.

    As sleek Technology becomes a common ground, Design becomes a competitive advantage. Therefore, we believe in a Design driven approach to Innovation.

    Assorted Items by the Eames.

Featured Project: Canou.

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