2015: A Brief Retrospective

A brief recap on some of the best things we got from 2015 as a team.

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We are finally launching our new website, and I thought it would be a nice thing to take a small pause, and reflect on what a great year it has been. If you are one of those amazing friends, clients or collaborators mentioned below, or just want to know what has been up with Raidho last year, read on (or, if you are in a rush, check out our recent activity).

An incredible set of collaborations

2015 meant two huge things for Raidho, and one of those things is Collaboration. Quite recently, I enjoyed a lot hearing Mircea Turcan from Restate Media paraphrasing David Carson, by inviting people to ‘Collaborate Harder’. Hopefully, he would consider we’ve taken our first steps towards that: we teamed up with a bunch of studios and other creatives to develop projects involving art direction, styling, UXD, coding, writing, giving workshops, and some other tasks and skills.

Special thanks to these guys (in no particular order) for their awesome teamwork and commitment during 2015 – and for putting your trust on our team, as well:


A year full of (collective) learning

If Collaboration was one of two huge things for us last year, Learning is the second one. Jumping into 2015 meant for us rolling up our sleeves and finally trying all the new tools and frameworks we’ve neglected before, due to ‘not having time’.

We all got heavily involved in learning and improving skills: devouring new books, going through plenty online tutorials, and even clearing some intensive months in the best Coding Bootcamp in Mexico.

I feel very proud of the whole team, because everyone managed to keep learning while also handling a heavy amount of client work; unsurprisingly this led everyone to being better people as well as better designers by the end of the year.


A rollercoaster of projects (and a super organised team to ride it well)

Between collaborations with other studios and regular client work, we managed to participate in more than 23 projects last year (a large amount of work for a team of 6 people most of the year). Luckily our team grew a bit by the end of the year (shoutout to our new amazing team members, Andrea & Cecilia!) and we were able to tackle most of our programmed work by the end of the year.

Overall, analyzing the 8,000+ hours we tracked this year, I found that we managed to increase productivity and quality while also increasing the work load for each team member (an average of 3.5 projects per person most of the time). That is like improving your running speed and performance, all while going up hill. We’ll be posting this projects soon on the Portfolio.


Internal projects removed out of the dust

While learning new stuff and working hard, we also managed to (finally!) remove the dust from several important projects of our own. Some of my favorite:

  • A super fun series of Coding Thursdays where the whole team learned about version control, A.P.I.s, open source collaboration, Javascript basics, and so on.
  • The production of neat wrapping papers for our New Year gifts for clients and friends.
  • Our new website! We were finally able to publish a bunch of projects we did a while ago, give them a look in the Portfolio Section. We’ll keep updating it during the following months with all the work from 2015.


A glimpse of 2016

We are excited to start a new year full of promising future collaborations, new team members and — correspondingly – a whole new, bigger office space. Keep an eye on our steps this year through our website, and let me know if this post made you think about anything in particular:

Paco Martínez, Director.