Behance Portfolio Reviews: Impacto Social

RAIDHO was invited to have its work reviewed in this episode of the Behance known event, dedicated to Social Impact Projects.

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Every now and then, Behance promotes a global event called Behance Portfolio Reviews. The goal of the event is to ‘get feedback on your work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet your local creative community’. For one of the happenings held in Monterrey, the organizers set the topic to ‘Social Impact’, and we answered the call with one of our ongoing projects for the NGO Red Medular.


Our turn with the mic

Their original concept asked for local efforts using their creative talents to solve social problems in an aesthetic fashion. We tried to push further this original idea and talk about the custom process needed to apply creative thought when making team with social causes and NGOs. In parallel, we expected to awaken discussion about having a portfolio piece about ‘social impact’, and how to best showcase it on individual portfolios.

Fine-tuning the processes leading to a creative output for social good

If the applied creative process may be our most valuable input to social projects, then how should our way of exhibiting the output should follow? Taking on account the increasing local trend of social causes and creative involvement with them, how can we approach these types of collaborations with proper processes, objective metrics and custom methodologies?



Some screenshots of our keynote


Some attendants paying close attention to the truly exciting projects


We received special feedback from Social Entrepreneur Clelia Hernández

How can the output deliverables of a creative project help a cause or organization to achieve its goals in a more effective manner?

After every speaker introduced their work, the audience was divided in three groups and gave feedback to each speaker. Special guests were distributed among the three groups to lead the discussion. Overall, the experience was deeply enriching, allowing us as participants to listen to insights and advice from a very diverse audience; as well as gathering contact information from key individuals.

We felt very satisfied with the general outcome of the event, and we also value deeply all the efforts taken by the organizers to keep nurturing the sense of community among the diverse stakeholders of the creative / social innovation / design scene in our city. We are sincerely looking forward to the next event, ready to bring rich and insightful feedback to the table.

Neat people we met / said hi, and you should keep an eye on:

? Eugenio Cristo (Editor at Residente Magazine)
? Gustavo Nava, architect
? Eduardo Higareda (eldelentes) sleek web designer
? Clelia Hernández, Entrepreneurship Director at ITESM
? HJ Barraza, social entrepreneur
? Facebook page for Red Medular (new brand identity by RAIDHO coming soon)

More info on the event

? BANG, main organizers
? The event official website