BPR Monterrey, 4th Edition

A few months ago we were invited to present our portfolio in this Behance event. Yesterday we were invited again, this time as Review Leaders.

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Once again we had the great opportunity to attend to the local Behance Portfolio Reviews event as special guests: and this time we were asked to give feedback to the participants. This assignment gave us a great position to enjoy and analyze each of the portfolio presentations, as well as establishing nice conversations with each creative.

What we found and felt during the event was this aura of energy and quality that encircles the creative output of Monterrey’s designers and entrepreneurs.

Banco Telar from Jorge Quiroga for María y María

Banco Telar from Jorge Quiroga for María y María

After the presentations, we were asked to sit with a small group of attendees and review the work of María y María. They are a couple of entrepreneurs in love with latin-american culture and indigenous artisan’s work. Together, they created a brand that honors these roots; through collaborations with artisans that result in design objects such as apparel, furniture, accessories and the like.

During the group review, we discussed how they were really good at communicating their purpose and vision as an impact-driven brand, but needed to polish their brand message towards a better achieved clarity. This might mean having a brief, stunning description of their project (what is María y María?), a bold and descriptive tagline, their differentiators well identified, and so on.

It was a great project to discuss, because there is a big amount of narratives related to their brand: the story of their products, the stories of each individual artisan, their collaborative processes, and so on. At the very end, we arranged a future coffee meeting, to continue the feedback and do some brainstorming together.

Despite the harsh weather and heavy traffic that made difficult for some people to arrive, it was worth the effort. We left the event inspired and proud of the talented people we met, looking forward to keep track of their projects.

A picture stolen from Agencia del Cambio's Facebook Page

Picture credits: María Fernanda G.

As in our last post about the BPR, here is a list of neat people you should keep an eye on:

? Karen E. Cornejo Vilchis and Andrea P. Yriberry Saavedra, founders of María y María
? Progressive architects from Covachita
? María Fernanda Gándara, founder of Agencia de Cambio
? Güicho Sefárdico, photographer

More info :

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? BANG, main organizers
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