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The Ideal Candidate to Work at Raidho

Learn about some crucial traits we value and foster in our team members in Raidho.

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This blogpost was originally created as a response to the question of ‘how would you describe an ideal Candidate (to work in Raidho)’, inspired on a series of similar posts by Mexican Design Blog Los Que Hacen.

In that context, then, these are the most relevant characteristics that someone aspiring to work in Raidho should meet:

1. Pathological love for good Design.

We like to think that we cultivate a dense filter for the content and aesthetics that we let out of the studio in the form of our work. That is nothing but a deep love for the principles of our trade: typography, aesthetics, grid systems, proportions and composition, and so on. Thus, we enjoy relating with people that share that love and contribute to keeping the bar high. Likewise, we promote a culture of general knowledge about Design: it would be nice that the aspiring candidate has his/her own opinion about Die Neue Typographie, or that he/she would be able to explain why we can consider Otto Neurath as a pioneer of Data Visualisation.

2. Empathy for the world of ‘Hacking’

Although not everyone on the studio are coders, we continuously adapt ideas from the world of code and development to our work. Everyone in the team have a basic notion of the most popular buzzwords: A.P.I.s, I.O.T., Smart-stuff, A.I., Big Data, and so on. We continuously explore the intersection between Design and Technology, and definitely it is a requisite to carry a considerable percentage of geekness for the majority of our projects. Bonus score if the team member is able to explain how would version control would be used to edit a Constitution; can think of a really disruptive use for blockchain; or knows by heart the Agile Manifesto.

3. Culture and Values similar to Raidho’s.

We believe in the studio that we shouldn’t work more, we should work better. We like balance between work and play, and for that reason we try to build together a nice work environment. We value, then, highly organised and flexible individuals, with a strong sense of self-management and team work. Furthermore, each member has his or her own passions and personal projects, and for us these are as important as the projects we build as a team (a really interesting pet project tells much thing that can’t be always revealed by a standard portfolio.)

4. Permanent hunger for new learning.

If there is something we do good at the studio is to keep learning. We devour and adapt quickly new methods; emerging software; all kinds of literature; pop cultura and visual trends. We value a lot to share our projects with people from which we can learn everyday, because they are also addicted to feed on, fascinate and borrow the immense amount of knowledge out there.

And, of course, an excellent Portfolio.

I would like to hear your comments about this article, write me to martinez@raidho.mx. Read this same article translated to Spanish in my Medium feed.