Interaction and interface design for innovation and venture builder web app.

We worked in the development of the user experience to achieve in a digital product the generation of business models and the possibility of being scalable.

Interaction design for Canou web app.

Canou helps organisations to understand, innovate and change their business culture to generate better ideas that lead to successful outputs.

Through interaction design we make collaborative work easier

Canou provides a complete Toolkit that allows to take conscience in the decisions of the companies and start ups. Through interaction design, we make available to entrepreneurs, business leaders and institutions the possibility to work collaboratively to explore different business models.

With our digital product design process we simplify the use of many tools in just one

During the work carried out in the Canvas, users have the chance to review resources related to the different Canvas, perform exercises to deepen the hypothesis, keep in mind insights, complete the value proposition Canvas in parallel and Progress tracker.

Traceability and progress

In the development of the project we look for options so that users can learn about different types of business models switching between them  without losing any progress.

Adaptive learning for each user

The digital product adapts to the needs of the users, being able to advance between stages depending on the scope of each project

User-centered interaction

Just as the toolkit  adapts to the needs of each user, in the same way, ideal payment methods were implemented for each of them, defined by the number of people in one team and use purposes.


Canou is a Fomento Geeks initiative,

developed in collaboration with Vordem Software

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