Comunidad VIVEX.

A Social Architecture Organisation.

We built a website focused on communicating the real value of Architecture Design for low income families through documenting Comunidad VIVEX’s posts as they unfold in their new website.

Telling the story behind the process

We designed the main view of a House (or project) as a way to let the visitor explore the process of building the houses for the beneficiaries, which takes on average 2 to 3 years. While getting familiar with the process, the visitor might also understand the value and impact behind the work of Comunidad Vivex.

Extending the Vocabulary

As part of the redesign of the website, we explored a few routes of related imagery and illustration. The idea was to show a gentle, simple approach to the architectonic forms as basic geometric shapes, while playing with color and iconography.

Get involved with Vivex

Comunidad Vivex is a revolutionary NGO that improves people life through Architecture. Visit their website to check their work, support them, or just say hi.

 Comunidad Vivex website
 S-AR, the founder’s Architecture Firm

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