(Dâ) Wearhouse.

Branding and website for a Dângerous Mexican Fast Fashion label.

We partnered with Dâ Wearhouse founders Claudia Melgoza and Norma Sierra to develop a stunning brand identity that could compete within a benchmark of local and internationational apparel brands.


Brand Vocabulary

The name for the label is an inside story that encapsulates the background of the brand as an evolution from its former name, Dâcotta. We agreed to use the Dâ element as an everchanging building block for bold adjectives and new words.


We designed a set of visual assets for the brand, from print labels and authenticity certificates; posters and postcards; as well as motion and sound design for video snippets and campaigns.

Textile Artwork

Custom textile design is a frquent ingredient of every collection, and we’ve made some graphics along the way; from lettering and icons, to colorful custom patterns.

Online Catalogue

Finally, we created a website to support their online sales. The website showcases available collections, and features archives of their campaigns and lookbooks.


Depicted campaign & lookbook photography by Mariana García, Mthrfckrs PhotographyDiego Huerta, and Juan Hernández.

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