Redesign of the most active Design Blog created in Mexico

With 7 years online and more than 4K posts, we had the chance to give this awesome blog a complete revamp – from its architecture to it’s new responsive design.

A refreshed Information Architecture

Dealing with a huge archive –as well as several new posts every day– forced us to have a super simple approach to the Information Architecture. There is a renewed editorial overview of the most relevant content in the homepage; a stream of all the most recent posts; and an archive sorted by collections to explore older posts.

A major focus on the writers and collaborators

The blog has always had collaborators, and we tried to highlight that by having an authors index, as well as single profiles for every author, showing their short bios as well as their posts for Designaholic.

Improved media formats

With contents heavily focused on Design, the blog showcases a lot of images, galleries and videos. We created some custom templates for this kinds of content to shine individually, and helping the editors play more with all the eye candy of the projects they cover in the blog.

Fast access to popular content

The new structure also involved cleaning the way popular content is displayed. With a few tweaks, the most demanded content is now easily spotted both in desktop and mobile.

Branding through Typography

We chose Usual (R-Typography) as the main typeface, due to it’s contemporary approach to a Modernist inspired typeface. It reflects Designaholic’s attitude: in love with Design classics, while also in an affair with emerging Design and Technology.

Visit the new website and have a look for yourself (all content is in Spanish)

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