Portfolio website for an avant-garde Lighting Design Firm

GrupoLite, one of the boldest and most active firms dedicated to Professional Lighting Design in Mexico, approached us to take their firm’s signature to a super neat online portfolio.


They are Here for the Light

GrupoLite has a powerful tagline: ‘We are here for the Light”. We helped them shape this concept into a container for all the ways they live their obsession with good Lighting Design; workshops, photo sessions, lectures, and so on. You can see this in the form of several snapshots from social media and other sources throughout the website.

A Full Showcase for their Projects and Lifestyle

While we wanted a really nice showcase for their amazing projects, we focused on portraying GrupoLite’s people too; the most important asset for the company according to their leader Pepe Mora. Go and hover over the team pictures to better understand what we mean.

External Links

Visit GrupoLite’s website.
☞ While doing this project, we also concluded a small web portfolio for GrupoLite’s sibling firm The Raws, go have a look too.

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