Penguin Classics.

Animation for Penguin's Annual Sales Presentation.

An Expanding Universe

Penguin Books is UK’s most important publisher, established on 1935 in London, England. Penguin Classics started in 1946 right after the WWII. Up to this day, Penguin’s translations of classic literature, accesible cost and their paperback books have made them one of the most influential publishers, by taking part on universal knowledge.

This animation was used for their 2014 Annual Sales presentation, part of a series of conferences ran by Penguin Classics at Brighton’s Grand Hotel in London; with the goal to unveil new titles and sales outcomes to people on their company.

We collaborated with our friends from lamosca (Barcelona), who developed the graphics based on their characteristic infographic style. We were commissioned to develop animation slides and transitions in order to bring to life the infographics. Sound design and foley were crafted with love by Miluno.

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