News Portal Design for a Mexican Journalism Agency.

Posta MX is a Mexican Journalism agency, created by passionate and opinionated journalists and businessmen around the idea of revolutionizing how digital news are delivered to their readers in Mexico. They approached us to create a seamless and bold reading experience for their new digital newspaper.

Notifications and Variations

In order to help the readers obtain the most recent news as they develop, the upper section of the website provides a series of notifications and quick access to the newest content in major sections.

Exploring Content

With the understanding that the portal would feature hundreds of daily new posts, we simplifyied the way the reader gets to relevant information. Contextual suggestions are provided when scrolling through content, and simple color clues help the reader understand what section he is in at all times.

Media Sections

Some custom templates were developed for specific content, such as image based editorials (Posta pic, in this case). These variations allowed a distinctive way of obtaining information from the website, dictated by the content itself.

Black Posta

One of our favorite parts of the portal featured a place for readers to ‘hack’ the content, in the form of a spin-off with content exclusively created by readers. Black Posta –as they called it– implied an open invitation for the readers to extend news, and bring new points of view to the table.


Despite an overall successful conclusion of the design work for the portal, the proposal was not implemented on the final version of the site. All images and sample content used to mockup the templates are property of their respective authors, and depicted here for illustration purposes.

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