Premio Santander

Interface and interaction design to improve the Santander prize contest experience.

Each year the Premio Santander organizes a competition for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, entrepreneurs and recent graduates to register innovation projects and be creditors to the prize.

Landing page as Information design product

In our landing page proposal we work on the information design  so that applicants to the contest can punctually review what is necessary to obtain the prize.

Through interaction design we make collaborative work easier

We improve the experience of the participants in the project registration process, giving the user the opportunity to work collaboratively with his team and describe important aspects that the jury can review.

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The platform also works as a venture building consultant

This platform is powered by canou, so the participant can make use of the different canvas and venture building tools that canou offers to give a better structure to the entrepreneurial project. 

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Process awareness

In addition, the platform offers a guide that always accompanies the user to indicate the correct steps to complete the process of the contest.

UX and complex data visualization

We designed a dashboard that works in real time to obtain statistics about the prize, registered projects and their participants, with this tool we solve an important need as to obtain clear and precise information of how the contest is working.

Admin interface for easier data control

To improve the management of the entire contest, through a process of user experience design we define a way to have better control of each stage in the contests and be aware of the people involved as the participants and judges who evaluate the projects.

Judge evaluation

Regarding the judges, we defined an evaluation system that standardizes the way to evaluate during the stages of the contest, in addition to the judge can go reviewing the project at the same time it gives a rating.

Premio Santander is a Banco Santander and Universia initiative, powered by Canou and developed in collaboration with Vordem Software

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